Welcome to LA Creator, an ongoing Junk Food Journal series that spotlights emerging influencers that you’ll only meet on the mean streets of Southern California. Let’s drop in!

Andrey Tarasov is a 21-year-old skater, photographer, model and poet. When he was a young kid, his family emigrated from Russia to Atlanta, Georgia to find a better life in America. Then, at 18, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of skateboarding.

Now, he’s in school studying social media and marketing, working as a fashion model about town and riding for Stereo Skateboards thanks to a chance encounter with co-owner Chris Pastras.

“Skating schoolyards in Los Angeles is such a staple,” he says. “Hop a fence and go skate with your friends. It’s fun to see what you can create.”

“Dylan Rieder is a big influence on me,” he goes on. “He looked super rad on and off the board. I always looked up to him growing up and going out and shooting a lot. Now how do I interpret what he did and make it my own.”