What if I want to return part of my order?

Returns are subject to Junk Food Clothing’s policy, which can be found HERE or you may contact them directly HERE. If you make a return and Junk Food Clothing processes a refund, it will automatically be reflected in your Payment Schedule.

What happens to my payments when I refund an order?

In general, refunds are applied starting with your final payment and working backwards to earlier payments.

Full Refunds

If you have returned an order in its entirety and the full amount of the order is refunded, any upcoming payments will be cancelled and any payments you have already made will be refunded back to the card you paid with.

Partial Refunds

The same principles apply if you’ve returned a portion of an order and received a partial refund.

What happens if I get a refund sent to a cancelled card or a closed bank account?

In some cases, you may have cancelled or closed your card in the time since the purchase was made. If this has occurred, you will need to contact your card issuer or bank to locate the returned funds and ensure that they are properly paid out to you.

If your financial institution requires details about the refund, including specific date, time, and amount, you can get in touch with Afterpay HERE and ask for your refund confirmation.

Why am I still being charged when I have returned the goods?

After making a return, it may take several days for Junk Food Clothing to accept the return and process a refund --- their return & refund page can be found HERE. Until the refund is confirmed and processed by Junk Food Clothing, your original Payment Schedule with Afterpay will continue.

If you’ve made a return and would like to request that your next payment be pushed back by up to 2 weeks from the original due date in order for Junk Food Clothing to process your refund, you can do so easily in the Afterpay app. Just follow the steps below:

  1. From the Orders Details menu, select Returning an Order.
  2. Choose whether the return is for a purchase made in-store or online.
  3. Following the prompts, enter the order details as instructed.

If your request is successful, the final confirmation screen will include your updated Payment Schedule.

Please note that you’ll only be able to make this request once per order. Additionally, if your refund still hasn’t been processed by your next payment date and amounts remain due, you may have 2 payments due on the same day.

Can I pay less than the full installment amount?

You can however, use the pay part payment feature, which is a new Afterpay feature. Follow the below:

  1. Login to your account via URL afterpay.com
  2. Click on payments schedule
  3. Click on view order
  4. Click on the new button 'Make a payment' just under the order summary
  5. A new screen opens up - you can key in the amount you wish to repay - this can be all or part of the installment or the whole remaining order value if you wish. The payment schedule is adjusted to show what you have paid.

This feature allows you to pay more or less than the full installment amount, giving you a bit more flexibility than before. When the next due date comes along Afterpay will only collect whatever is outstanding.

How do payments work?


Afterpay accepts domestic debit and credit cards and AMEX, they do not accept cards issued from overseas banks. If you use your card with Afterpay, you will still be subject to your card issuer’s terms and conditions including any applicable finance charges and fees that may apply. When you use your card you may not receive certain rewards, features and benefits that may be offered for example, additional points or cash back. For more information please contact your card issuer.


There are two basic ways to pay with cards:

The most convenient is Afterpay’s automatic payments system found online or on their app. Simply enter the details of your preferred payment card under "Add a payment method" in the "Billings" section of "My Account"

When you have an installment due, Afterpay will notify you beforehand so you can ensure necessary funds are provided for that installment.

Alternatively, you can always make payments on time or early by selecting the PAY NOW button on the Afterpay App or online in your account; you can then enter your card details manually. If you want to make this your preferred payment method, select "Store my card", otherwise make sure to uncheck this option before logging out.



Afterpay is committed to getting you what you want, when you want, so you can pay later.

If you are facing hardship, they have hardship policy you can find HERE to work with your plan.

As soon as you miss a payment, Afterpay will immediately prevent you from making any further transactions due to their commitment of responsible spending.

A late fee may be charged when an installment for an order is not paid after the applicable grace period (usually 10 days unless otherwise noted on your payment schedule). Afterpay will only ever charge one late fee per installment and the total amount of late fees charged on an order will never exceed 25% of your initial order value.

What do I do if the automatic payment fails?

Afterpay will send you an SMS and email letting you know an automatic payment has failed.

To make an overdue payment, log into the Afterpay App or online, click “Pay Now” next to “Overdue Payment”, and follow the prompts.

If you're worried you won't be able to make a payment, give Afterpay a call as soon as possible for options.

What happens if I can’t make a payment on time?

We get it—life happens! If the payment you would like to reschedule is your second or third payment, follow the steps here to reschedule it in the Afterpay App. If it is your first or last payment, please reach out to their Customer Service team HERE to discuss your options.

Please note, if your payment is already past-due late payments—even those made within the grace period before a late fee may be charged—will affect your future spending limits. Your account will also be suspended until all late payments are paid. After the previously mentioned grace period, you may also be charged a late fee.

To make a manual payment log into your account via the Afterpay App or website. Navigate to the payment you would like to complete and select “Pay Now”.

How much can I spend with Afterpay?

You may be shown estimated amounts that you can spend with Afterpay. Please note, it is possible that your order may be declined, even if the order amount is less than your estimated spending limit, as Afterpay uses a variety of factors to determine approval of orders and limits may be lower at certain merchants.

Estimated Spending Limit

The estimated spending limit found in your account is the estimated amount you can spend using Afterpay. This amount is not guaranteed and may change based on a variety of factors as described below. In addition to your individual spending limit, there may be additional limitations based on Junk Food Clothing’s limit.

The amount you can spend using Afterpay generally changes based on how you use your account. We know that being aware of factors that influence your available spending can help you stay in control of your finances, so we’ve broken down some of those factors below:

Making payments on time

Your payment history is an important factor that affects how much you can spend with your account. Here are a few things to look out for that may impact your available spending:  

  • Late payments
  • The frequency of late payments
  • How late a payment was made
  • How often scheduled payments on your account get declined
  • How often orders get declined due to insufficient funds on the payment method on-file

But just as there are things that might decrease the amount you can spend, good spending behavior like making payments on time might increase what you can spend with your account.

Afterpay is committed to making sure that our community feels empowered and in control of their finances, so if you’re facing financial hardship and are unable to make payments, contact them to ask about how they might be able to help.

How long you’ve been using Afterpay

If you’re a new Afterpay user, the amount you can spend will be lower than if you’ve been responsibly using the platform for a long time. Typically, the longer you’ve been using your account—and have made payments on time—the more likely the amount you can spend will increase.

Why hasn’t my order arrived yet?

Please contact Junk Food Clothing to verify your order status.

Afterpay is not able to amend, adjust or change an order once it is approved - this must be handled directly with Junk Food Clothing.

Junk Food Clothing shows my order as delivered. I did not receive the order, what can I do?

Although Afterpay is not liable for lost or stolen packages, there are steps that you can take in an attempt to resolve the missing package:

Have you verified the order status? Contact Junk Food Clothing.

Junk Food Clothing will resume responsibility for packages until the status reflects “Delivered” or “Left Notice.” After that point, it is Junk Food Clothing’s discretion if they have the ability or willingness to refund or replace the stolen package. Their terms and conditions page can be found HERE.

An important note is that Afterpay does not have the ability to change or override Junk Food Clothing’s policies; they take full ownership. However, if you have tried contacting Junk Food Clothing and have not heard back within a reasonable timeframe, please let Afterpay know and they can help communicate with Junk Food Clothing on your behalf to seek resolution.

Contact the courier

Once Junk Food Clothing confirms that the package is delivered and you did not receive the package, filing a missing package claim with the courier can assist with your resolve attempt. If the package is insured, you may be able to file an insurance claim. Since each courier has a different process, it is important to contact them on further instruction.

File a police report

If your package was stolen, we recommend that you file a police report to further investigate. Package theft is a felony and can be punishable by prison time. The police report will not only record your claim, it may potentially assist law enforcement with catching the culprit and recouping your stolen merchandise.

There are precautions that can be taken to help prevent this from happening in the future:

  • If possible, having your package sent to your P.O. Box, local courier location or your work address, can significantly help.
  • Request your packages be hidden behind something, whether that's a plant or a bench. You don’t want the package in plain sight.
  • Additionally, requiring a signature can assist in making sure that your package is delivered to someone (at least 18 years or older) at your residence.